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20 Jun 2018
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for sale
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sano (Alexander Žaťko )
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Rovas application enables participation in the NEO economy.

Anybody is welcome to help making the app and NEO better (testing, programming, design, legal help..) and share the Merits reward earned by the app. The earnings will come from the 1% usage fees levied by the app on any reported labor from all workers. The time share of merit rewards currently stands at 75% and I (the app author) pledge that the time share will never fall below 30%.

Bugs can be filled/tracked on the project's github page

Merit Shares: 
Any Merit reward will be distributed among shareholders according to shown shares. The remaining 75% of Merits will be distributed among listed shareholders according to the number of hours reported.
Shareholder Share Time Worked Merits Action
sano (Alexander Žaťko ) 25.00 % 9.25 Hours 0.04   1993
Kamil (Kamil Meitner) work time share 0.00 Hours 0.00   1997
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